Helpful tips to an algae-free pool and crystal clear water

By July 26, 2017

With August upon us, your pool water gets warmer and pools are used more often, so here are some:

Helpful tips for keeping your pool algae free and crystal clear!

  1. Operate pump 12-15 hours per day. This will insure adequate chemical circulation.
  2. Use an Algaecide weekly. (i.e. LifeLine #8 or #9, Algae All 60, Backup 2, Banish)
  3. Add stabilizer (CYA) to keep the chlorine in the pool and protect it from the sun.
  4. Shock your pool (as needed) at least once per week. Test pH with AquaChek test strips 2-3 times per week.
  5. Remember…you MUST maintain proper water balance to be safe, comfortable and to keep your equipment like new. It is recommended to bring a water sample to Budget Pools at least once a month or after a large rainstorm or heavy use.
  6. Check your free chlorine after heavy rain or after heavy usage.
  7. Chemically clean your D.E. or cartridge filter at least twice a year. Use Spray n Rinse or Strip Kwik, not Muriactic Acid.
  8. If you have a Cartridge Filter, the Skim Mor skimmer socks are a must. Socks remove copious quantities of solids which do not enter into your filter. This will save you time from taking apart your filter and cleaning it. (At least one cleaning per season is saved.)
  9. For D.E. and Cartridge Filters, we recommend using #7 Ultra Clear or Polysheen Blue to clear cloudy water, improve filtration and achieve brilliant water. Overdosing leads to the opposite effect, cloudy pool!