Budget Pools offers a selection of specialty chemicals and systems for both swimming pools and hot tubs. Just ask any of our technicians!

LifeLine Chemicals

Budget Pools offers a complete line of swimming pool chemicals from balancing to sanitation to assist in maintaining properly balanced water.  Regardless if you use traditional tablets, automatic sanitation feeder, broadcast or use a specialty sanitation system, we are here to help you find a system that works for you!


Simply put, it’s the easiest way to sparkling clear pool water. BioGuard® customized 3-Step programs, Mineral Springs®, non-chlorine SoftSwim® or traditional tab base products are convenient and effortless. You’ll spend only minutes per week maintaining beautiful pool water. With a full line of chemicals available, Budget Pools is ready to help you with anything needed to maintain your pool.


When you use BioGuard® spa and hot tub chemicals (SpaGuard® or Soft Soak) to keep your spa beautiful you can spend less time maintaining it and more time enjoying it. Customizable spa programs will make spa care simple and give you soft, soothing water.

Mineral Water

Fresh Mineral Water Systems are also available for your pool and spa. Minerals help you use less chemicals to maintain proper water balance. They also soften the water and make it sparkle.

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