Curb side Pick up

Curb Side Pick up is available Monday- Friday 9am – 4pm

⦁ Email your name and phone number to or call 978- 535-1500 ext 2 and leave your name and phone number.
⦁ Budget Pools will contact you to take your order, answer any questions that you may have, and add on any additional items including maintenance products, parts, pool pumps or equipment and don’t forget those toys and games for the kids. We will process your credit card on the phone at that time and schedule your pick up time.
⦁ Please bring a sample of your pool water with you and include your name, address, email address and pool size labeled on the bottle or simply add your Budget Pools customer number and email address on the bottle. Make sure your EMAIL ADDRESS IS CLEARLY LABELED ON THE BOTTLE AS YOUR DETAILED WATER BALANCING INSTRUCTIONS will BE SENT TO YOU by email. If you don’t know your CUSTOMER number the agent will be happy to give you your customer number over the phone.
⦁ When you arrive for your pick up simply pull into one of our numbered parking spaces and call 1(978) 317-9942, give us your name and your parking space number, open your trunk, and we will bring the products to you and load them into your trunk.
⦁ Drop your water sample bottle in the water drop off box as you exit. Your water balancing instructions will be emailed to the address you place on the bottle. We will include a new bottle labeled with your information with your chemical package. You may use this for your next in season water test.

Please arrive with an empty trunk, capable of receiving the products you ordered, and remain in your vehicle while your items are being loaded. We ask that you don’t offer tips to our employees in an effort to protect the safety of BOTH YOU AND OUR EMPLOYEES.