Home Delivery

Home Delivery is available Monday – Friday 10am- 3pm

Email your name and phone number to info@budgetpools.com or call 978- 535-1500 ext 2 and leave your name and phone number.
The cost of this delivery service is $25.00 with a minimum order of $150.00.
Budget Pools will contact you to take your order, answer any questions that you may have, and add on any additional items including maintenance products, parts, pool pumps or equipment and don’t forget those toys and games for the kids. We will process your credit card on the phone at that time and schedule your delivery time.
Budget Pools will include your pool opening instructions and a dedicated phone support line with your order to answer any technical questions should you run into any difficulties, as well as 5 free water tests ( $100.00 value).
Inform our phone agent where you wish to have your items placed upon delivery that is safe, away from children or pets, and out of the weather.
Please place a sample of your pool water with your name, address, email address and pool size labeled on the bottle or simply add your Budget Pools customer number, phone, and Email address on the bottle. Make sure your EMAIL ADDRESS IS CLEARLY LABELED ON THE BOTTLE AS YOUR DETAILED WATER BALANCING INSTRUCTIONS will BE SENT TO YOU by email. If you don’t know your CUSTOMER number the agent will be happy to assist giving you the number when they call. Place the sample bottle containing your pool water in the delivery location drop off.
Please do not make contact with our drivers during the delivery process and practice social distancing at all times. We ask that you not offer tips to our employees for the protection of you and our employees.